How it works

Pandora allows traders to create and manage their free or premium channel through fancy features and a great user experience.

If you are a investor you can use the bot to minimize risks using our automated selling system or join into a channel and begin to receive and replicate signals.


Connect on Telegram

It is not necessary to install any app, you can use the bot directly on Telegram.


Setup your API

Bot doesn't require your passwords, you only need to provide your api keys to procede.


Choose a channel

Find your signals source between a lot of premium and free channels.

Extremely safe.

Not just your smartphone, you can use Pandora on any devices using your telegram account.

Indeed, your API keys are being stored encrypted in an untraceable server. The only connection between our system and the exterior is via telegram through monitored serverless instances.


A smarter way to manage your trades.

Follow the cryptocurrencies market is really difficult, everything happens quickly and it necessary to devote time and energy to make money.

Pandora allows you to compare and replicate the performances of the traders you prefer, buy cryptocurrencies at a certain price expressed in dollar even if there is no direct pair and sell it with an automated strategy.

Our official channel.

Callisto is our totally free official channel based on a powerful system of pump detector handled by an AI routine.

When a cryptocurrency has an vertiginous increase of value in a short period of time the purchase signal is triggered, then the operation will be managed until the sale.


Affordable Pricing

Choose your favorite plan between followings according to your needs.
Try Pandora, then upgrade your account at any time


0.3 ETH

Per month

Unlimited access to all free channels
Unlimited number of simulatenous operations
Unlimited usable amount




Unlimited access to all free channels
Limited number of simultaneous operations (3)
Limited usable amount (3000$)



Ask us privately

Unlimited access to all premium channels
Priority in executing operations
No limits of any kind


Answers to some of the most common questions

Can I try your service for free?

Of course! We’re happy to offer a free plan to anyone who wants to try our service.

Which exchange is compatible?

Currently Pandora works only with Binance, we plan to implement other exchanges soon.

Which reference currency do you use??

Pandora works only with USDT as reference currency for price, profit or any other parameter.

How much does it cost to open a channel?

It's totally free, we do not take a penny of your income.

What if a channel close after that i pay the subscription fee?

All payments are being freezed for 30 days for security reasons. In this case you will receive a total refund.

Is there an affiliation system??

Yes, you can find your referral code once authenticated using telegram.